Treehouse Nursery / For the Next Generation

Treehouse Nursery was established in the Wanstead area in 1991 as a provider of nursery care and pre-school education for children and babies aged three months to five years. Breakfast and after school clubs for older children are also provided at Treehouse Nursery. Over the years, Treehouse Nursery have built up a solid reputation as a trusted childcare provider, offering children a ‘home from home’ as well as meeting all their early years’ educational needs. Treehouse Nursery employs a full time infant teacher and a full staff of qualified, professional and friendly staff in order to meet the individual care and learning needs of each child in attendance.

Each child is different, which is why Treehouse Nursery develops individual care and learning plans for each child. These plans are developed through input from parents, observations of and conversations with children and the ideas of the child’s key person. A key person is assigned to each child from the very beginning of their time at Treehouse Nursery and is responsible for that child throughout, creating a strong bond and getting to know the child on a personal level. This personal knowledge allows the key person to become a mentor for the child and to identify their individual strengths and the areas where they may need more encouragement when putting together their learning plan.

Treehouse NurseryTreehouse Nursery have a wide range of equipment designed to encourage learning through play and curriculum learning in a fun and challenging manner. This includes interactive whiteboards, a floor to ceiling soft play area, outdoor toys and equipment within an outstanding garden and display screens where parents can view the work their children are doing in order to instil a feeling of pride and achievement. Each child at Treehouse Nursery has the opportunity to spend time every day at the games and activities which they most enjoy, and are encouraged to branch out and try new things. Learning plans are adapted as the child learns, so that each Treehouse Nursery child is able to progress in their education at their own pace. Parents are encouraged to be involved at every stage of their child’s development at Treehouse Nursery. An open door policy allows parents to share their views, ideas and concerns with Treehouse Nursery staff on a daily basis and there are two formal parents’ evenings each year which provide the opportunity to further discuss the child’s development in depth.

Treehouse Nursery | High Quality of Care in All Nurseries

The welfare of all children that attend Treehouse Nursery is paramount to the staff who work there. In both locations in Wanstead, the management team at Treehouse Nursery ensure that the utmost attention is paid to looking after all their children. Not only does this mean that parents can relax, safe in the knowledge that their children are being cared for entirely, but with safety taken care of, Treehouse Nursery can provide the best education at the fundamental early years stage. In addition to the two nurseries, there is also a breakfast and after school club in the Grove Hall, Wanstead.

Treehouse Nursery, like all education providers, are regulated by Ofsted. This means that there are strict laws in place to protect the children, as well as plenty of guidelines for the activity programmes that Treehouse Nursery put together to provide the best start for all who attend.

Treehouse NurseryAs far as the regulations go, Treehouse Nursery not only meets expectations but go far beyond them. Managers, according to Ofsted should have two years’ experience in early years care. The management team at Treehouse Nursery actually have more than three decades’ worth of experience in the industry, having dedicated their professional lives to the welfare of young children. For children who attend any of the Treehouse Nursery locations, they will benefit from the years of experience that the managers have in developing children at such an early stage.

It is important that for children to receive the best possible education in a fun and safe environment, nursery staff have to be trained to a certain level. Every staff member must undergo an induction procedure when they join Treehouse Nursery. Inductions will ensure that all staff are aware of the policies of the company and what they can expect to achieve when it comes to childcare and education. In addition to acclimatising staff to the Treehouse Nursery procedures, Ofsted impose a rule that at least 50% of staff are trained to a level 2 qualification in early years care. What makes Treehouse Nursery stand out is that ninety six percent of their staff are trained to at least level 2. This shows that Treehouse Nursery are committed to getting the best people to care for the children and provide them with the education that they need.

Treehouse Nursery | Up to Date Information

For any business to succeed, it is important to keep clients up to date with any relevant information like changes to operating procedures and any extra events. This philosophy has been adopted and adapted by Treehouse Nursery, a group of nurseries in Wanstead so that their clients, the parents are happy with the service they provide. Considering the nature of the service, the welfare of the children who attend the nursery then this philosophy of regular information updates is as important as ever.Treehouse Nursery

One of the best ways that parents can access information from Treehouse Nursery is through the company’s website. On there, they are completely transparent as to what it means to send a child to the nursery and exactly what parents can expect. From Treehouse Nursery’s published mission statement, potential parents can find out quickly what they need to know about the benefits of attending the nursery. This is in addition to Ofsted reports, displaying the success of Treehouse Nursery when they have been inspected by the regulatory body and necessary information such as fees and opening times.

A further feature of Treehouse Nursery’s website is the latest news and upcoming events pages. These are invaluable to parents as they can see what the nursery is planning and what their children will be getting up to. Notable examples from the website include the opening of the recent Cambridge Park nursery, operated by Treehouse Nursery as well as the charity fundraising that the company did alongside the children as part of Children in Need. Treehouse Nursery also created their own Christmas Grotto at Grove Hall in Wanstead that they opened to the public and this was advertised quite clearly on their News section on the website.

Part of attending nursery is that the children receive the best education as possible before they attend primary school. In order to make the most out of the children’s time at the nursery, Treehouse Nursery work closely with the parents in delivering reports on their progress. So in addition to the information available on the Treehouse Nursery website, the employees at each site will keep parents well informed on their child’s successes, friendships and any areas that they might need to work on. Constant contact with parents is key to Treehouse Nursery’s success and more importantly, the success of the children who attend.

Treehouse Nursery Biography

Treehouse Nursery School is a childcare provider based in Wanstead, East London. Since 1991 it has been a beacon for quality childcare for infants as young as three months to children of five years old. Treehouse Nursery School caters for London parents who need to trust and rely on a childcare provider that is there when they need it.

Living and working in one of the world’s busiest, metropolitan capital cities is tough. When parents need childcare, Treehouse Nursery School can cater to the needs of working parents or parents who just need extra support: from full day care, to pre-and after school care.

Treehouse NurseryTreehouse Nursery School is founded on the belief that every child deserves nursery and childcare that mirrors their home environment keeping them at the centre, but with the ability to grow their confidence and interaction with the outside world. Many of our children stay for years and grow to be confident, capable children with a head start.

The way Treehouse Nursery School is set up means that a child progresses from ‘room’ to ‘room’ as they grow in age and capability with a single Key Person to guide them. So each child continuously has the opportunity to grow in knowledge and experience, whilst interacting with children of a similar age. Groups are kept small to ensure that every child has excellent supervision and interaction with the supervisors.

The experience that children have at Treehouse Nursery School means that when they are of school age they are already well-versed with the routine, interaction and learning environment of full-time education so can easily move forward.

Moreover, many of Treehouse Nursery School’s children are already of school age and therefore care is required perhaps in the morning since parents start work early or they work late and need care after school. Treehouse Nursery School has a solid, reliable pre and after school care system that keeps parents assured that their child is in good hands.

Not only does Treehouse Nursery School provide fun and interactive activities at our centres, we also make sure that physical activity and outings form part of the time that children spend with us, whether that’s in our own playground, on Sports Day or on a day trip. These activities expand the children’s experiences and everyone enjoys the time. We also encourage parents whenever possible to get involved too. It’s also an ideal opportunity for parents to spend time with their children in a different environment outside the home, meeting other parents and getting involved in the local community. This Christmas, Treehouse Nursery School organised a Christmas grotto and nativity at Grove Hall, Wanstead. It was a fantastic opportunity for kids and parents in the area to gather and celebrate the festive season.

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Successful Events Held by the Treehouse Nursery School in 2013

Holding special events in a nursery on a regular basis is important both in order to make the children feel special, as well as for educational purposes. Let’s take a look at the most noteworthy events hosted by the Treehouse Nursery School in the year of 2013.

Carnival Day

On June 25th 2013, the Treehouse Nursery School organised a Brazilian-themed Carnival Day to raise money for the British Heart Foundation. The children had a lot of fun dancing to Latin American tunes, while also learning about the Brazilian culture and getting to understand the diversity of our society.

The children took dance lessons from professional dancers hired by the Treehouse Nursery School for this special occasion, who joined them on the stage on this special day. Also, the older kids even helped with the organising process, playing their own part in decorating the nursery.

The event hosted by the Treehouse Nursery School was plenty of fun not only for the kids, but for adults as well. The parents got to see their little ones dance “like professionals”, while enjoying traditional Brazilian cuisine.

Through its spectacular Carnival Day, the Treehouse Nursery School managed to raise 180 pounds for charity, amount gathered from the generous parents of the children attending the nursery.

Children in Need Charity

The Children in Need event was held by the Treehouse Nursery School on November 16th, managing to raise over 1,700 pounds for charity. The nursery staff had spent hours to rehearse for the event, in order to put together an Abba-themed show that has delighted the children and parents alike.

The Treehouse Nursery School management joined in on the fun too, surprising everyone – including the staff – by performing Dancing Queen dressed in spectacular costumes. The vocal training for the event was provided by JinglePop, while Rajan Caterers offered the food and donated their profits for charity.

The Children in Need Charity event hosted by the Treehouse Nursery School was attended by over 100 parents, who offered great help in raising the 1,700 pounds.

Christmas Grotto and Nativity

On December 14th, the Treehouse Nursery School hosted a unique Christmas Grotto and Nativity event, allowTreehouse Nurserying children to meet Santa, as well as learn more about the meaning of Christmas.

The grotto was set up in Grove Hall, Wanstead, offering parents and their little ones the opportunity to make wonderful, unforgettable memories. Father Christmas himself – accompanied by his joyful little elves – dropped by at the Treehouse Nursery School Grotto, entertaining the kids and listening to their wishes for Christmas.

Maria Sanchez, the owner of the Treehouse Nursery School, attended the event as well, welcoming all visitors with a big smile and a warm heart.

Treehouse Nursery School: Champions of Early Years Foundation

Established in 1991 and still going strong, Treehouse Nursery School employs a staff dedicated to providing safe and comfortable care for all children in the community. After getting to know the preferences of the children, staff members work to stimulate, entertain and educate each one according to their personality. Treehouse Nursery staff members will establish a relationship with the parents and guardians of the children in their care in order to understand their children better and provide the best care possible. It is the wish of every staff member that the child feels as if he or she was in a home away from home.

Treehouse NurseryTreehouse Nursery School are champions of early years foundation. This is achieved through dedication, qualification and training, experience, quality facilities and additional security measures. With a rate of 97% qualified early years practitioners employed at a minimum of NVQ Level 2, Treehouse Nursery strives continuously to maintain the highest quality staff possible. In fact, there are two Early Years Professionals (Level 7) working in the nurseries.

The qualification and training of each staff member are a major concern to Treehouse Nursery School. In-house training is provided, including courses in Health and Safety, First Aid, Data Protection, Safeguarding and more. There are several qualified paediatric First Aiders on staff, as  experience is important wherever children are concerned. Treehouse Nursery has 2 ex-Ofsted/Tribal inspectors that manage the nurseries. Together, they hold over 30 years in childcare experience.

The facilities used by Treehouse Nursery are designed with several features to make the experience enjoyable for everyone. There is a floor to ceiling adventure soft play room, a beautiful garden and an area for parents to view what their child has been up to on interactive white board display screens. It is important for parents to be involved in the care for their children whenever possible. Treehouse Nursery School understands this and strives to make parents feel accepted and welcome to asking questions or relating to staff members.

One of the most important aspects to finding a good daycare facility is the security that is offered. Parents will not be able to function during the day if they are spending all their time worrying about the safety of their child. Treehouse Nursery School takes all security measures possible to keep the children and staff safe from harm. This includes allowing only authorised people in the building using fingerprint recognition technology and active, fully functional CCTV cameras in all buildings.

Learning Cycles Used at Treehouse Nursery

Treehouse Nursery School has been offering its unique services to children and parents since 1991. Following all legislation and regulations, including the Children’s Act 1989, the school offers a diverse atmosphere where no bullying is allowed and discrimination is not tolerated. It is important for the children in the care of the school to be comfortable, entertained and safe at all times. Activities are developed on a personalised basis so that each activity and schedule meets the particular needs of the child.

Treehouse NurseryTreehouse Nursery staff ask parents questions for their opinions and ideas on how to best teach the child. An evaluation is done when the child enters the school to gauge their capabilities. Schedules are then created to fit that child’s needs. Upon inspection, it was found that Treehouse Nursery meets all expectations for a quality daycare and B&A school facility. Reports show that children who attend the nursery feel comfortable and settle in quickly. The staff is reportedly friendly and intelligent with a certain focus on keeping the children safe and helping them learn, even playing alongside to make sure the child is getting it.

Treehouse Nursery School uses three learning cycles to help children learn. The strategy involves actively learning, creatively and critically thinking and exploring whilst also playing. All of these are vital to the healthy development of a child physically, mentally, morally and socially. When a child actively learns, he or she is prompted to learn by doing. This means that the child associates the thought of the activity with how to actually perform it. Not only do these hands-on tasks help a child learn a task by doing it, it also helps them learn teamwork and how to support others in their efforts.

Creative and critical thinking are both essential to learning. Very often, obstacles cause people to fail in their plans and goals. Through creative thinking, children learn to develop thought patterns that promote new ideas and thoughts. These new ideas should help them work through seemingly impossible problems. In addition, critically thinking before executing the task in question helps to cut back on mistakes that could potentially be made. Treehouse Nursery staff members promote critical and creative thinking skills.

Additionally, Treehouse Nursery School encourages playing and exploring. By exploring, children learn fantastic and new things. If they did not explore, they would not understand the true beauty of nature. Playing is essential to learning on many levels. Treehouse Nursery School strives to encourage awareness of the vitality of play within the community and family environments by holding fast to it within the school.

Treehouse Nursery | The Benefits of After School Clubs

There are plenty of benefits of after school clubs for children and parents alike. The parents know that their children are safe and being cared for until they can get to pick them up. It is great for the child as they can learn a lot in school, but they can also continue learning once they have left the classroom environment.

Treehouse NurserySome afterschool clubs are just connected to a school but others cover a number of schools in the one area. This way there is the chance for children to expand their group of friends and experience games and methods of learning that they are not used to. The time spent here can develop interests in extra-curricular activities.  One advantage the after school club has over school is that social skills and communication are more easily developed and practiced simply due to the more relaxed environment. Additionally, as children get older, it is a comfortable place to do homework which not only allows them to seek help if they need it, but also frees up family time once they’re home.

There are benefits of after school clubs for parents as well and this is the security of knowing that the children are in a safe environment. There is not the risk of them wandering the streets, getting involved in gangs and getting up to no good. There have been studies showing that children who spend time at such clubs are much less likely to get depressed than ones that are left to fend for themselves at home. Being around adults who are not their parents or teachers will expand their knowledge and help them to build up social skills. It will also ensure that there are other adults that they can confide in or can help them if they are in trouble.

A child that has a routine is more likely to achieve as they will know where they need to be and what is expected of them at any given time. There is the option of trying new interests and not just slumping in front of the TV as they could do at home. A busy child is going to end up being a tired child and it will improve their sleeping pattern if they start to go to bed early. A good nights’ sleep will then help them to get through the following day and give them the energy to do their work and enjoy school.

As the largest after school club in Wanstead, Treehouse Nursery provides all the benefits any parent could want for them and their child(ren). The after school club is trusted and reputable because it is part of the Treehouse Nursery group that operates Woodbine Place and Cambridge Park nurseries. The after school club operates at a site called  Grove Hall on Grosvenor Road and with places for 110 children aged 4-11, it is the largest club in Wanstead. A holiday club is also operated at Grove Hall. The organisation is Ofsted registered and the nurseries follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum, with the principles being carried through to the after school club with plenty of learning and social developmental activities.